Casinos in Montana

Casinos in Montana

Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting, there are many casinos to choose from in Montana. They all have different rules and regulations, so make sure to read them carefully before you decide to play. There are many types of games to choose from, including poker, blackjack, and slots. There are even some casinos that have live games.

Slot machines

Located in the northwestern corner of the United States, Montana, also known as Big Sky Country, is a favorite destination for outdoors enthusiasts. Besides its abundant outdoor opportunities, the state also offers casinos, sports pools, and bingo.

Montana’s gaming industry has come a long way since its state constitution prohibited gambling in 1889. Fortunately, Montana voters approved a constitutional convention referendum in 1972 that gave the state legislature the power to regulate gambling. In 1973, Montana lawmakers passed a bill that legalized bingo, raffles, sports pools, and card games.

Gaming machines are regulated by the Gambling Control Division of the Montana Department of Justice. The division advises the state legislature on gambling policy matters. The Gambling Control Division has a web site with more information about Montana gambling. During the gold rush years, saloons were a part of the culture of small towns.

Montana’s gaming machines have been taxed at 15% since 1987. One-third of the revenue goes to the state general fund. Gaming machines also help the state provide funds for local governments.

In the past few years, Flathead County has seen the greatest increase in gaming revenue among the top seven counties. In the last year alone, Flathead County’s video gaming machines grossed $30 million.

The state has more than 1,400 locations with video gaming machines. Bars and restaurants are allowed to have up to twenty video gaming devices.


Despite its modest size, Montana has a number of casinos, ranging from tribal gambling centers to full-fledged, commercial casinos. In addition to the traditional gaming houses, there are also sportsbooks and online betting sites.

In addition to horse racing and poker, Montana also has a lottery, where players can play keno, bingo, and other games. Montana’s lottery also offers games based on NASCAR, sports, and raffles.

The state also passed a Video Poker Machine Act in 1985, allowing establishments to place up to five video poker machines. These machines weren’t taxed when they first appeared. The machines are now taxed at 15%.

The best Casinos in Montana are found online. These online gambling sites offer hundreds of games. Some of these sites also offer payment methods such as MasterCard and Vanilla Visa cards. These payment methods are considered the best in the business.

One of the best sites for players in Montana is Chumba Casino. The site offers a unique blend of online slots and table games. Players can also play slots for cash prizes without betting real money. It is also one of the few online gambling sites that operate outside the traditional casino setting.

Jackpot Casino is another Montana site that is worth checking out. It has 300 slot machines, a Glacier Grind coffee house, and a bingo room. It also has video keno machines, which were first approved as a form of live bingo.


Considering the state’s long history of gambling, it’s not surprising to learn that Montana has a pretty good selection of casinos. Most Casinos in Montana, however, aren’t much more than bingo halls, with a few video poker machines and line games.

While Montana is home to a few tribal casinos, most of its gambling options come from the state’s dozens of brick-and-mortar establishments. The most popular gambling games are slot machines and bingo. A few casinos even offer table games, including blackjack and roulette.

Montana’s state lottery was created in 1986. There is also a statewide video lottery, which has keno and video poker machines. In the future, sports betting will be available through the State Lottery and land-based sportsbooks.

Until then, Montana residents can gamble offshore. Montana law does not prevent residents from wagering at offshore gambling sites, and they can even use Western Union or MoneyGram to fund their accounts. However, Montana lawmakers are hesitant to legalize online Casinos in Montana.

It’s possible that Montana will legalize online poker in the future, but the state’s gambling laws don’t mention it at all. However, it’s not too hard to see why Montana would consider a legalized online poker option.

The best Montana online poker site, in my opinion, is Ignition Poker. Their site boasts a slew of features, including a robust tournament section and a million dollar guarantee every week. In addition to that, the site boasts a full poker room, with eight blackjack games, nine specialty casino games and over 300 real money games to choose from.


Known as “Big Sky Country” and the “State of Casinos”, Montana offers many gambling options for its residents. Although the state has few land-based casinos, the state has a statewide lottery that allows players to win prizes by playing bingo, keno, and other non-banking games.

In addition to the lottery, there are many card rooms that are frequented by Montana residents. These card rooms may be located in restaurants or bars. These card rooms have a small number of gaming machines that are legalized by Montana’s regulation.

Montana has a fairly complex gambling policy. Gambling options include casino games like blackjack and poker, and video lottery games. The lottery is the biggest source of revenue for the state’s casinos.

Montana bars have the option of owning up to 20 gaming machines. These machines may include video poker or keno. The maximum bet on a gaming machine in Montana is $2.

Montana has five Native American tribal casinos. These casinos may offer Class II gambling, which includes bingo games played against other players. The casinos may also offer reels. These reels are more like bingo than slot machines.

The Montana state lottery offers players games based on NASCAR and sports. Other games include raffles, bingo, and draw games. The lottery has been in existence for many years.

A state partnership operates the lottery and video gaming machines. The machines are taxed at 15%.

Live casino games

Besides horse racing pari-mutuel wagering, Montana’s gambling entertainment includes tribal casino games, video gaming machines, prize drawings, and charitable gambling. While there are no commercial casinos in the state, Montana has over 100 “gas station casinos” scattered across its borders.

Some of the top online casino sites for Montana residents also offer live casino games. These are a great way to enjoy gambling without the worry of losing your money. They are also an excellent way to practice your blackjack skills. You can play as many hands as you want.

The best Casinos in Montana residents also offer generous promotional offers and payment methods. Most top casinos accept credit/debit cards. Some sites have better bonuses and games than others. Some even offer mobile versions of their sites that can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Montana residents can also play at social casinos. These sites feature games like slot machines and table games. Upon signing up, these sites will deposit tokens into your account.

One of the best Casinos in Montana is Ignition Casino. It offers a large selection of games with studio dealers. It also has a sleek, user-friendly interface. The site offers a huge welcome bonus of up to $3000.

MYB Casino is another good option. It offers live dealer games, 3D slots, and a clean casino lobby. It is also powered by Betsoft and Curacao, so players can expect to receive quick customer service.


Getting the legality of Casinos in Montana wrong can have serious consequences. For example, participating in real money games on offshore bingo sites is a violation of Montana Code. The penalties for this crime are substantial.

The state has signed compacts with all seven of the local tribes. These compacts allow various forms of gambling to be offered in Montana. These forms include bingo, slot-like games, and video poker.

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act authorizes gambling on Native American land. The state’s gambling policy will need to be revised in order to allow online gambling in Montana.

Montana has several land-based tribal casinos. These casinos offer class II gambling. These games include bingo and keno. There are also dozens of smaller casinos operated by the tribes.

Montana has hundreds of gambling establishments, many of them taverns. The state’s gambling laws are fairly intricate.

The Gambling Control Division is responsible for regulating all forms of gambling in Montana. The Division collects gambling revenue for the state and local governments.

In 1973, Montana legalized bingo and sports pools. In 1986, Montana created the state lottery. In the early 2000s, there was a brief attempt to create Montana casinos. However, these efforts failed.

Unlike most states, Montana does not allow online casinos. However, there are social casinos that accept Montana residents. These sites offer popular table games such as blackjack. These social casinos also offer slot machines.

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