Nyjah huston – skate for gold

Nyjah Huston is a well known street smart and experienced player, that has been playing the computer games for quite some time now. He has honed his skills and gained a number of good reviews in different casino review sites, thanks to his consistent winning streak in the online games. But not everyone likes his games. This player’s critics say that he does not really have any strategy which is not exactly the case.

The first criticism is that his action games, or casino type games are all about quick thinking and quick reactions. His style of play may not be that effective. The critics say that he does not think carefully about what moves to make. As a result, players get carried away with their virtual actions and forget that real life actions will have an effect in the game as well. In fact, players can be more prone to accidents and losing money if they are not careful in their moves. They should remember that playing the game need not necessarily mean winning the game.

The second criticism is that it is just a matter of luck. They say that no one can play the game perfectly and expect to walk off with a big amount of money. There are too many factors that can influence the outcome of a game. If a player is not using strategy, he is bound to get scammed and lose a lot of money in the process. In fact, he might even end up quitting the game. This is why it is important to consider strategy while playing.

Another issue with his game is that he plays only with blackjack and without using other decks. It is true that there is no strategy needed in playing blackjack, but the lack of variety may leave players disappointed. It is quite understandable that a professional poker player should stick to his craft, but experts say that variety is important in the long run. They say that in the long run, players will learn to pick up strategies from lesser known books and systems which are often available on the internet.

Last but not the least; his personality is not the best. His players often say that they can barely afford to pay his fees, since the casino pays him so well. Even his wife says that he does not really play the game for fun but mainly as an income source. Some people might see this as immoral, since it goes against the basic values of trust and honesty that are prevalent in most societies.

However, it might be said that this is exactly what a player who plays at casinos should be like. If you do not really care about your skills and would rather rely on luck than strategy, then there is no reason why you should be playing the game. You will not find anyone who is equally skilled as you at blackjack, so do not complain when you lose. Do not be discouraged or take it personally when you make mistakes. Nyjah Houlton may be a good player but he is not a good player.

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