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Face the madness and win large with Demon. This high-paced slot plays tribute to the influential English heavy metal band, Demon, who had a huge influence on the formation of...

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Samba carnival

The Samba Carnival is the ultimate fun and excitement in town during carnival times. This game is similar to a regular slot machine but has a unique and creative concept....

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Nyjah huston – skate for gold

Nyjah Huston is a well known street smart and experienced player, that has been playing the computer games for quite some time now. He has honed his skills and gained...

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Prosperity palace

One of the best casino games around is the one that you play at the Prosperity Palace. If you want to win more money at online casinos then you must...

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7 sins

7 sins Casino games with slots are known as the most commonly played games in Las Vegas. While slots are certainly fun and the casino pays off big time, it...

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Court of hearts

Court of hearts is a popular online slot machine, with its 10 straight paylines and unlimited options. The graphics are very nice; the music is relaxing and it is easy...

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