Most Sought After Online Scratch Cards

Online Scratch Cards

The scratch card is considered a popular pastime that has been around for several dozen years. These classic games, known by everyone, guarantee very large prize pools. Online scratch cards games were created especially for online casinos. Their main advantage is a wide range of choices. Thanks to the introduction of innovative solutions, we do not have to run to the points that deal with the lottery to buy blank forms with scratch cards. Currently, on many websites, you can choose from a large selection and play for a big prize.

Online Scratch CardsIf you are a big fan of online scratch cards, you should first familiarize yourself with each game and its benefits. The biggest advantages of scratch cards are primarily:

  1. Simple rules of the game – the rules of online scratch cards have not changed for a long time, you only need to scratch the designated field of the game. In this way, you can easily become a holder of a high pot of money. These types of gambling are intended for both beginners and advanced users;
  2. The possibility of quick gameplay – access to play scratch cards online is very easy, just go to the website, choose the right game that interests you and play;
  3. Additional bonuses – during gambling, even scratch cards, we can certainly count on additional bonuses, which we usually receive after registering your own account;
  4. Variety of games – the variety of online scratch cards on the web is huge. All online scratch card games are available in different themes, so each time you decide to play, you can choose a different one.

What are online scratch cards?

This online game is the easiest way to gamble with money. Their beginning, or introduction to the gambling market, dates back to the 1970s. They became popular very quickly because of the possibility of quick and high winning, which attracted many people to play.

Stationary, we can use paper scratch cards and manually scratch the marked field. Under the layer to be scratched, there are numerous symbols, which usually in certain combinations guarantee the winning. In November 2005, Scratch2Cash launched the first project on the Internet that was entirely devoted to an online scratch card. In later stages, this idea was noticed by other game providers, and nowadays these types of games are popular games that can be played at various virtual casinos. Thanks to the developed technology, you do not even have to leave your home to play scratch cards online.

How to play scratch cards online?

According to most sources, all available online scratch cards were created based on slot machines. You must be at least 18 years old to play them. The rules of some of them are quite complex. Online scratch card gamers can choose from many different types, but each scratch card has the same rules. Under the painted field, there are hidden symbol combinations. We erase the field and see if we were lucky. Scratch cards available online are a good option if you want to have fun and win some extra money. The essence of every online scratch game is to hit the right combinations of symbols and get the main prize for it.

Depending on the choice of the scratch card and the producer – the winnings are different. The good combination is free games in online scratch cards with the possibility of winning real money. Some casinos offer new players additional bonuses without a deposit. Scratch cards with various exciting themes and ways of playing are also available online. Big fans of this game can use certain strategies that increase the likelihood of total profit. In this case, you can try to delete cells in order and delete all cells at once.Online Scratch Cards

Main types of online scratch cards:

  1. Scratch cards with winning symbols – this type of scratch cards have a specially assigned “winning” symbol, which is visible in a separate cell. The corresponding symbol value is assigned to the symbol in advance. If only the “winning” symbol finds its place in the general field of play, the player will receive a prize.
  2. Scratch cards with an increased playing field – in this type of scratch cards we can observe more complex solutions. Standard fields with an extended number of rows and levels are visible. This solution can be much better because it can contain up to several dozen cells with pictures.
  3. Bonus scratch cards – some scratch cards offer additional bonuses that are activated by the main bonus symbol. Depending on the type of game, additional bonus rounds may be available in the form of pick & win mini-games, additional free cards, etc.
  4. Video scratch cards – the most famous video game is Rocky Scratch produced by Playtech. There are three main cells on the screen, each containing the appropriate symbols representing opponents of the main character Rocky. The player’s task is to select one participant, and then a short video simulation of the game will appear on the screen.
  5. Other types of online scratch cards – over time, new types of scratch cards are introduced to the gambling market, which have simple rules – well suited for beginners and advanced players.

Producers and popular online scratch cards games


Very well known among the gambling producers and thus collects excellent ratings from customers. The manufacturer’s collection also includes the game with classic rules and custom options. For example, the Zodiac is distinguished by an unusual appearance of the field, but the rules of the game are standard. Lottery 7 Gold Scratch provides the opportunity to participate in the bonus round. The maximum winnings reach up to 100,000 credits.


This company is one of the oldest and most recognized among gambling producers. This is one of the most distinguished producers of games and scratch cards for online casinos. This manufacturer offers dozens of scratch cards. The most popular are Scale and Scratch, Lucky Numbers, Slam Funk, Pharaoh’s Gems, Scratch`N`Spin.


It is a producer of high-class casino games software, associated primarily with very successful gambling titles. Playtech is one of the most comprehensive scratch card suppliers. It combines over fifty versions. In addition to the games Rocky Scratch, Classic Slots Scratch, and Roulette Scratch, also popular among players are Kong-8th Wonder of the World, A Night Out, Blackjack Scratch, Thor. Players give as well positive reviews of online scratch cards, created after Marvel comics.


Online Scratch Cards Slots

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